Yes, you're probably already building APIs to support business initiatives, but do you know how your strategy stacks up to competitors and colleagues?
On a scale of 1-10, how well are you delivering on your API strategy? *

What is your API Strategy? And, at what organizational level (i.e. CEO, CIO, Lines of Business, etc.) is it owned? *

What is your API Strategy most driven by? *

Which of the following are the objectives of your API Strategy? *

Some say we've seen this before -- how is your API strategy different, or better, than what was/is promised with SOA, web services, microservices? *

Are you thinking about API Products as strategic business assets (not just app development integrations)? *

Do APIs get planned and aligned to business objectives? *

Who is involved in the planning of APIs? Who is looking at what you have and what you need delivered? Do the same people that plan the API, own the API in production? *

Digital is forcing companies to go fast. How many API projects that business wants are you able to currently deliver? *

How are your APIs being built? *

What is in your API Portfolio? *

What are your API challenges? *

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